Sichuan Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd.


Sichuan Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Located in Meishan city, Sichuan province, Sichuan Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of sodium sulphate anhydrous and sodium sulphide. It is only 80km away from Leshan Buddha and 10km away from railway station . We enjoy good location. Xinxing sincerely welcomes your visit, cooperation , investment and

business. At present, there are 4 sets of sodium sulphate anhydrous production lines, 6 sets of sodium sulphide production lines , 2 sets of alkaline proteinase production lines and 1 set of Pharmaceutical glauber salt production line inside our company.
Main products: sodium sulphate anhydrous 200, 000 tons , sodium sulphide 20, 000 tons , alkaline proteinase serial products 15, 000 tons.
Other products: trisodium phosphate 20, 000 tons , Pharmaceutical glauber salt 10, 000 tons , sodium carbonate 100, 000 tons , sodium hydroxide 50, 000 tons , aluminium hydroxide 10, 000 tons , 4A zeolite 10, 000 tons.
Our tenet is "Quality first, Credit priority, Excellent service". Our products now have been well-received in China, Southeast Asia , the Middle East and EU; and our products also have been highly appraised by our customers for good quality and good price.
The packing of sodium sulphate anhydrous is plastic bag lined plastic woven bag, the net wet is 50 kg per bag, at the same time, there are other packings ready for customers with special requirements, including 25 kg/ bag, 1000 kg/ bag, 50kg/ bag with bulk bag and 25kg/ bag with bulk bag , and so on. The packing of sodium sulphide is 25 kg/ bag in double- plastic woven bag. The packing of proteinase is 25 kg/ bag in plastic bag lined plastic woven bag and carton. The packing of trisodium phosphate is 25 kg/ bag in plastic bag lined plastic woven bag . Pharmaceutical glauber salt can be packed in 1 kg of plastic bag or 25 kg of woven bag. The packing of sodium carbonate is 50 kg/ bag in plastic bag lined plastic. Caustic soda is 25 kg/ bag, it is packed in plastic woven bag. Moreover, other packings are

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Yihuanlu (North section), Dongpo, Meishan city, Meishan 620020, Sichuan, China


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